Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must!

Don’t leave home without it.

During my travels I have heard horror stories of travellers getting into motorcycle accidents in Southeast Asia or of broken limbs while Skiing down the mountains in Switzerland. Luckily all of these travellers had bought travel insurance before going on their trip because it would have cost thousands of dollars in medical costs.

I have researched all of the companies who offered travel insurance for long-term travel and had found that many providers do not offer it beyond a few weeks. Those that did had so many restrictions and drawbacks it made me worry if the time came when I really need it, would I really have coverage? It’s something I didn’t want to take a risk on.

When I found out about World Nomad’s flexible travel insurance, I knew it was the one I wanted to have protect me as I did my long-term travel across Southeast Asia.

You can purchase travel insurance anywhere in the world at anytime (even after you’ve left your home country), extend your policy on the go, and have access to the most reliable service you can imagine.

It’s insurance for travellers by travellers who understand the needs of the people in this lifestyle.

You can have a quick check on how much your coverage would cost down below in the handy calculator provided. Trust me, you will love them!