A day in Kyoto

Kyoto, once the capital of Japan. It’s famous for its numerous classical Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses. It’s also known for formal traditions such as kaiseki dining, consisting of multiple courses of precise dishes, and geisha, female entertainers often found in the Gion district. Kyoto was […]

Travel Guide | A Day Trip To Nara From Osaka

Today I’m making a day trip to Nara, the famous land of roaming deers and beautiful nature. If you’re ever in Japan, make sure you add Nara into your itinerary.

For myself, I’m looking forward to a good escape from all the shopping and bars in Osaka. Right now it’s nearing the end of autumn and there’s still some fall foliage on the trees to take photos with. 

To get to Nara Park, make your way to Nara station on the Kintetsu Railway Network. Be sure to catch the rapid express train to Nara Station to save a lot of time. If you catch the slow local, it will probably take you at least twice the time to get there because you’ll be stopping at every stop and will have to transfer at the end.

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Travel Guide | How I Spent A Day In Osaka, Japan

My travels in Japan started in Tokyo for 4 days, Kyoto for 2 days, and ending off in Osaka 4 days. It’s a pretty common route for many, but if I could do it again I would skip Osaka and spend more time in Kyoto. It’s hard to get away from the feelings you get from the picturesque small town feel of Kyoto and then all of a sudden jump into vibrant neon lights mini Tokyo and in my opinion, full of tourist traps. For those of you who don’t know, Kyoto is exactly what the stereotype of Japan is with women walking around with kimonos and small narrow alleys with many traditional local bars, shops and restaurants. The architecture in the city is preserved to keep the old time feel of Japan as well.

The impression Osaka gives off to me is that it’s a seedier city resembling it’s capital in only some aspects. It’s looser, more relaxed on the laws, and unfortunately dirtier in relation to Tokyo. Not the way I would like to end my trip in Japan, but hey, at least I’m travelling with great people. 

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