My adventure to Hong Kong’s Big Wave Bay

In 2019, I travelled to Hong Kong at the height of the riots and protests that was going on. My social media feed was full of videos and articles of them and to be honest, it seemed like a scary place to be. However, since I was already so far into my travel I felt […]

How To Take A Ferry From Hong Kong to Macau

Macau is an easy day trip for those who are visiting Hong Kong. It’s about an hour ferry ride over and offers a slightly different vibe with its flashy casinos and Portuguese history. 

Just like how Hong Kong and Taiwan are, Macau has it’s own currency, borders, and Government. They are all a Special Administrative Region of China. 

Before you go:

Make sure you are able to enter Macau and re-enter Hong Kong again with your Visa! I don’t recommend planning a return to Hong Kong if you’re near the end of days permitted or are on a single entry visa. 

In the hostel I was in, there are two South African travelers who were denied re-entry because of this and was forced to stay in Macau for at least 30 days before re-entry to Hong Kong to retrieve their luggage at the hostel! I hope they flew out of Macau to stay somewhere else, because it’s a really expensive city for accommodations. 

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