My adventure to Hong Kong’s Big Wave Bay

In 2019, I travelled to Hong Kong at the height of the riots and protests that was going on. My social media feed was full of videos and articles of them and to be honest, it seemed like a scary place to be. However, since I was already so far into my travel I felt seasoned enough to navigate the obstacles I would perhaps face going to Hong Kong at such a turbulent time. So I took the risk, booked a ticket and went.

Upon my arrival I was surprised that the whole city was really calm. It looked like everyone was just going about their usual business. Yeah, there were some graffiti along the streets and walls that hinted at the confrontation that happened, but as quickly as they were put on, it equally came off as fast by hired cleaners.

Never being able to actually visit Hong Kong (other than using the airport as a transit stop to other destinations), I set my sights on the Dragon’s Back which allowed me to get a better view of the place. The view ended up being absolutely amazing. I’d recommend any traveller to Hong Kong to put this place on their itinerary.

I followed along the ridge line to the end where Big Wave Bay is located. You can experience it with me in the YouTube video above. I did end up getting some really nifty shots here!

As I was making my way back to the hostel I met another fellow traveller from California, USA. His name is Saneil. He had just finished hiking the Dragon’s Back and we were both on our way to the city centre.

We ended up checking out a gigantic cemetery that was set on the hillside. That was odd to see, but made sense in a land locked country. Initially you can see from the angle from above the stairs, we didn’t know it was a cemetery at all.

We parted ways once we reached the City Centre, since I had other plans with my hostel friends in the evening and Saneil had to catch a flight back to London early the next day so he needed rest.

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