How To Take A Ferry From Hong Kong to Macau

Macau is an easy day trip for those who are visiting Hong Kong. It’s about an hour ferry ride over and offers a slightly different vibe with its flashy casinos and Portuguese history. 

Just like how Hong Kong and Taiwan are, Macau has it’s own currency, borders, and Government. They are all a Special Administrative Region of China. 

Before you go:

Make sure you are able to enter Macau and re-enter Hong Kong again with your Visa! I don’t recommend planning a return to Hong Kong if you’re near the end of days permitted or are on a single entry visa. 

In the hostel I was in, there are two South African travelers who were denied re-entry because of this and was forced to stay in Macau for at least 30 days before re-entry to Hong Kong to retrieve their luggage at the hostel! I hope they flew out of Macau to stay somewhere else, because it’s a really expensive city for accommodations. 

Getting to the Ferry Terminal

The first ferry to Macau from Hong Kong is at 7AM and comes every 15 mins from there. I’m waking up to catch the first ferry over to try to maximize my day trip!

To get on the ferry I’m heading to Sheung Wan station on the blue MTR line in the direction of Kennedy Town.

The early trains can also be a little packed with only standing room. 

Once you arrive at the station, take exit D and go up to the 3rs floor of the mall following signs for FERRY HALL.

Do not exit out to the street on the ground floor. Just keep going up the escalators!

You will arrive here:

Beware of ticket touters here! They will stand at the top of the escalators trying to portray themselves as real ticket agents. 

Ignore them, avoid them. Buy your tickets direct. 

Redeeming your ticket via Klook

If you bought your ticket from Klook with the discount, you’ll need to go to the ticket agency named in the confirmation email sent to you to redeem your boarding ticket first. 

For me it is Beng Seng Group, which unfortunately doesn’t open until 8AM. They also said that they are unable to process my ticket until 8:30AM because of something with the system. So my journey to Macau is delayed for another hour and a half.

Next time I’ll buy direct from the ferry company instead to make the day trip more worth it, unfortunately this feels like a total time waster just for the little savings. I’d only recommend buying through Klook if you have more time on your itinerary and don’t plan to leave early.

Immigration and customs checkpoint 

Going through immigration was easy, I went through the smart gate where you scan your passport and do a face recognition. The officers did check my passport after the gate and questioned me a bit. After that, I headed down the escalators to the gates. 

I was asked if I wanted a window seat and of course I obliged! What better way to see the view.

Inside the ferry 

Food price list for Cotai Water Jet in Hong Kong. 

There are overhead compartments for backpacks, luggage racks for larger items, free WiFi, seat trays and cup holders, restrooms with diaper changing tables, and snacks and beverages are sold on board to keep you comfortable on this 1 hour ride to Macau.

There are NO electrical chargers. 

Make sure to take your sea sickness medicine ahead of time if you need it, there’s a lot of up and down on the water!

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