How to get to The Dragon’s Back in Hong Kong

One of Hong King’s famous hike is the Dragon’s Back hiking trail because of the scenery on this moderate level adventure. Over looking on both side of this mountain is the South China Sea and Tai Tam Bay. It’s truly breath taking and something you don’t want to miss when you’re in Hong Kong.

First take the train

To get to the trail, you’ll need to make your way on the blue MTR line to Shau Kei Wan station

The train direction to head on is to Chai Wan

When you arrive at Shau Ke Wan station, exit gate A1 towards the bus loop. 

The exit leads to the head of the bus loop. Turn right upon exiting to get on a bus.

Two bus options:

Red Mini Bus (fastest) – Bus #9

This is the fastest way to get to the trail because the small bus can maneuver the windy road a lot faster than the public double decker bus. 

The bus driver tried to quote me a higher price (HK$10) so I asked a bunch of random local people on the bus how much is a ticket, they all confirmed with me $8. The bus driver then backtracked on his quote and confirmed $8. Nice try, I’ve been travelling too long to let this happen to me. 

Get on the bus and you will pay the fare upon exit.  Change will be given if you only have a $10 bill.

Option 2 – Public Bus (slower but a little cheaper) – Also #9 bus

This public double decker #9 bus is around the same area as these red mini buses. Make sure to have exact change of $7.20 or tap your octopus card. Look for the “Dragon’s Back” stop. 

Reaching the trail head

The stop for both bus options is right at the start of the trail. Here is where there are portable toilets and garbage cans, make sure to use them if you need to because the next toilet and trash bin is at the end of the hike!

These are some of the views you’ll see on the dragon’s back:

It was an amazing hike and I enjoyed it a lot. The whole week in Hong Kong forecasts called for clear skies and sun; I lucked out there!

Continue hiking to Big Waves Bay?

At the end of the dragon’s back, you have an option to go to Big Waves Bay which is another hour hike or you can loop back on the trail for the bus.

I decided to keep going because from there you can watch surfers do their thing or check out the ancient rock carving. Around the beach are shops and food stands where you relax and fuel up before you make your way home. 

Making your way back to the MTR station from Big Waves Bay

You can catch the bus following the signs for the bus at the end of the trail by hiking back to the correction center area. 


When you are at the fork between Big Waves Bay and Dragon’s Back (marked roughly where the red X on the map is), you can WALK to the nearest MTR Chai Wan station. It only took 30 mins and you also get to see a large cemetery built on the hillside. 

Overall the hike should be easy for those who has some normal hiking experiences and it was very well marked along the way.

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