Purnama Guesthouse Review – Bali, Indonesia

About a 5 min walk to the beach, Purnama Guesthouse is located in a laid back touristy area of Cenggu in Bali where small restaurants, cafes, and bars line up the streets nearby. The property has a semi-private mini-villa style, where you get your own room and bathroom, but share the common area such as […]

Buying a SIM card in Bali

On my trip to Bali, I found finding a SIM card that is reasonably priced a little hard to do. Also beware of scams, that goes without saying in a tourist hot spot. In this post I’ll show you the options you have to get a SIM card from Telkomsel, the only company I recommend […]

A glimpse of what it was like to travel Jakarta, Indonesia

On my first trip to Indonesia, I decided to start it in the capital city Jakarta. I was nervous because I knew very little about the country, people, and the culture there. I’ve heard Bali being an amazing place to visit, but my prospects of wanting to visit there died slowly when I found out it’s mainly a tourist trap.

Besides, the capital city of Jakarta and surrounding areas were interesting enough to keep me intrigued on exploring.

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