Dip and Doze Hostel Review – Bali, Indonesia

About a 8 minute walk to the beach, Dip and Doze is by far one of the best hostels I’ve been to. If you’re a person who is conscious about the cleanliness of a place while having a good atmosphere, this is it.

Something to note:

If you’re here to chase after the Instagram worthy view of the rice fields overlooking the pool, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, this view is completely blocked by a wall they put in to protect the guest’s privacy from the construction work on the other side.

The rice field property doesn’t belong to the hostel and have no control over it. If you’re planning to visit for the next few months from Aug 2022 onwards, you’ll be hearing construction noises during the day.

Sleep experience

The sleep here was good.

Ultra clean linens that smells nice and fresh. The bed is the normal singles you get in hostels, which has that springy feel. My guess it’s from Ikea, but it does the job.

Large curtains around the entire bed allows for privacy when you need it.

Dorm rooms are also very clean and there are large storage lockers inside for you to lock up your belongings.

Air conditioned and with a large fan to making sleeping comfortable.


The atmosphere here was great, there’s a lot of mingling happening here. During the night guests like to hang out by the pool, sing songs, and sometimes go out for dinner and drinks together. The staff here works hard in making sure the guests are comfortable and having a good time.


  • Dishware, cutleries, hot/cold water dispenser, free flow coffee/tea, microwave, oven toaster, fridge
  • Free breakfast
  • Drying racks outside dorm rooms
  • TV lounging area connected to Netflix
  • Pool
  • Roof top lounging area


This is one of the best hostels to stay in while you’re here in Bali.

Location, cleanliness, and value for money are the main reasons to choose here – even though the price is a little higher than other hostels around the area. You get what you pay for!

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