Buying a SIM card in Bali (easy way without getting ripped off)

On my trip to Bali, I found finding a SIM card that is reasonably priced a little hard to do. Also beware of scams, that goes without saying in a tourist hot spot.

In this post I’ll show you the options you have to get a SIM card from Telkomsel, the only company I recommend to those who want the best coverage in Bali. They also cover 98% of Indonesia.

Best and easiest way

Order it through Klook here: SIM card order service

When you order, there will be a Klook staff who will register your SIM card for you, set it up, and meet you at the airport when you arrive.

The prices are what you’ll get out in the city. I paid 100,000 for 18gb of data with Telkomsel (the best network in the country).

Other ways (expensive, or just a hassle):

  1. You can buy SIM cards right at the airport for a heavily inflated price. 250,000 rupiahs for 15 gbs.
  2. Go to the official Telkomsel store in Bali Galleria Mall ( and set one up there. However, people have complained about paying an “extra fee” for SIM card registration. Beware.
  3. You can visit the small shops around the city who are private sellers. However, this is the riskiest, since the service can be shut off any time if they don’t register your SIM card correctly. Also the prices are heavily inflated.

Topping up

Download the Telkomsel app and top up through there.

Alternatively, you can visit many convenience stores around the area to top up at the cashier counter.

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