Purnama Guesthouse Review – Bali, Indonesia

About a 5 min walk to the beach, Purnama Guesthouse is located in a laid back touristy area of Cenggu in Bali where small restaurants, cafes, and bars line up the streets nearby.

The property has a semi-private mini-villa style, where you get your own room and bathroom, but share the common area such as the kitchen and garden.

For the relatively low-price for the room, it’s pretty basic and does need some revitalization to make it more comfortable. The old adage applies here – you get what you pay for.

Sleeping experience

I had an okay sleep. The bed was large and felt comfortable, although you can feel that it’s one of those mid-grade spring mattress. Far from the plushy soft kind you’d normally find in upper tier hotels.

The linens were sort of old looking, not as bright white and they should be. The blanket was kind of thin and the pillowcases need replacement. Aside from the looks, at least the linen smelled clean.

The least favourite experience from staying here was that I had to get rid of mosquitoes frequently. I think they were getting inside the room from the vented roof from inside the bathroom.

The vibes

This is a place for someone who is just looking for a place to chill out and live slow, not so much for partying or meeting other people. Everyone here seems to keep to themselves.

There are some middle-aged long term foreign guests here who have been living for months and they all seem to love going to the beach, surfing, riding motorbikes, etc.

The Good

  • Short walk to the beach
  • In a touristy area (if you like that)
  • There is a staff who cleans daily around the area and your room if you wish
  • Private enclosed area, with common garden and kitchens
  • Ability to keep the AC running all day if you choose to

Needs improvement

  • Bathroom feels grimy and needs repairs/deep cleaning
  • Toilet doesn’t flush well and needs replacement, not clean looking
  • A lot of mosquitoes
  • No hot water dispenser/kettle
  • No fridge/microwave in room
  • Linens needs replacement
  • Lighting are all white, with no lamps or mood-lighting


  • Water provided in the kitchen (not cold, just from a large jug)
  • Common kitchen equipped with basic utensils
  • Common fridge
  • Small garden
  • A hose by the door to spray off your sandy feet coming back from the beach


A very basic, affordable stay that needs TLC put into it to make it comfortable.

Good for short stays to hit the beach, but for longer stays I would recommend previewing the room in person before you commit.

Suitable for couples or solo-travellers who aren’t looking to meet people, but just want to chill out. Not suitable for families.

Personally, would I return for another stay?

No. There are better alternatives nearby.

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