Hua Hin, Thailand is alive again

In just a span of two months, the beach town in Thailand is sprawling with tourists and retired foreigners again – all thanks to the Thailand pass being scrapped. Previously you’d have to apply to enter the country and purchase mandatory covid insurance, the whole process was an expensive and time consuming thing to do. […]

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1 month in Thailand travel expenses

I get this question all the time: “how much does it cost to travel?” and my answer has always been the same. It’s affordable. To back up that statement, I tracked my expenses for the month of June 2022 while I was in Thailand and grouped them into buckets that I think is most reflective […]

lhoi nai lueb

Hidden gem: A local restaurant in Hua Hin, Thailand

Last night I had an experience a very local restaurant in Hua Hin called หรอยในหลืบ – lhoi nai lueb (Google Maps: Hidden in the depth of an alley, the average traveller never would have been able to guess it was there. Left turns, right turns, spin, and do a jump, go behind another house […]

Learn how to say Greetings in Thai

In Thai there are some things you need to remember: If you’re male, you’ll end your greetings in ‘Krap’ If you’re female, you’ll end your greetings in ‘Ka’ If you’re male, you’ll refer to yourself as ‘Pom’If you’re female, you’ll refer to yourself as ‘Chan’ Now that we got that out of the way, here […]

Thailand Borders – when will it open?

It’s going to be unlikely that Thailand will open it’s borders for international tourist travellers this year. Originally the plan was to open the country in three phases where the third phase was to allow tourism to happen again on August 1, 2020. Since the spike of cases of COVID happening around the world, the […]