Hidden gem: A local restaurant in Hua Hin, Thailand

lhoi nai lueb

Last night I had an experience a very local restaurant in Hua Hin called หรอยในหลืบ – lhoi nai lueb (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Kmb2BvbHeymGDuBu9). Hidden in the depth of an alley, the average traveller never would have been able to guess it was there. Left turns, right turns, spin, and do a jump, go behind another house and you’re there.

Serving up local seafood, you can enjoy it in sashimi form and toss the rest of the fish in the soup to enjoy it in hot pot form. I recommend you bring Google Translate with you If you’re a traveller who don’t know Thai, as the menu has no English. Yup, it’s that local.

Prices are quite reasonable for what you get, for 3 people who ordered a lot and ended the meal with all the desserts they offered, the total came to 1800 bahts (May 2022 during semi-post covid inflationary prices.)

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