2 months travel update – Aug 2022

The sunsets are amazing here, nothing I’ve ever seen before.

I’m currently in Bali as I write this staying at Draper Startup House for Entrepreneurs Hostel.

The past 2 months of travel has been fairly relaxing and easy going, I haven’t exerted a lot of effort into doing adventurous things this time around. Instead I’ve been working a lot on the laptop learning coding and walking around the neighbourhoods to check out the local life.

Although not as exciting, it definitely is a cheaper travel lifestyle.

Where have I been to so far?

Month 1 – Bangkok, Thailand

Month 2 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Month 3 – Bali, Indonesia (currently)

Where do I plan on going next?

I plan to go on an adventure in the Philippines, a country I’ve never been to.

The first stop is Manila, the bustling capital city that’s very crowded I hear. I don’t mind it though, it’ll be a nice change in pace from the slow island life I’m having now in Bali.

One of the things I’m pretty excited to discover is the cuisine. I know a lot of filipino people in Canada who raves about their home country’s food and also the selection you can get at the fast food joint ‘Jollibees.’ Something about the pineapple juice being way better too? I’ll have to find out.

There are few points of interest in the city to discover and take photos of. However, friends have told me that things to do in Manila is limited and that if I want to do more things, I’ll have to go out to the islands.

I’ll give it some thought before I decide to be on another island.

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