Travel Journal: Day 4 – Trip to Malacca 


Cup half full type of morning.

Killed it with the coding and now I’m sitting in bed thinking about what the next year is going to look like. I really love the fact that it’s impossible to know what the future holds, all you have to do is just live it.

The reason why I love to document my travel is so that I can look back at today and see how much has changed, how it unfolded. It’s really neat.


I’m sitting at the common room table, having some coffee, and working on a blog post of what to see in Malacca. It’s dawned on me that Malacca is quite small and the things you can do here can be done in a day. I think today may be . ….. … wait, did I just hear a rumble of thunder?? …


Yup! It’s definitely raining hard outside. The thunder strikes sound like they are coming right above the roof! The whole building is shaking.

If there’s any day to sleep in, today would be that day…


I realized I got sidetracked from my thoughts on my previous post this morning.

As I was saying, I think today may be the last day in Malacca. Mehmet and I ran out of things to do and see.

He wants to fly back to Bali this weekend, since he says he had a lot more fun there. There are more food variety that works for him there and it’s easier to meet other travellers.

Yesterday I got him to try my fried rice first with a spoonful of it plain, and then with just a dab of soy sauce on it. He loved it plain, but with the soy sauce it turned him off. That was funny.

Anyways, I want to make a quick trip down to Muar. It’s a town in another state of Malaysia called, ‘Johor.’

A quick glance on Google, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to do there. But why not, right? I’m already halfway down the country.

I’ll decide later today if I’ll go through with it or return to KL.


I found a Korean convenience store nearby that sells Tteokbokki, a popular dish in Korea made with simmered rice cakes and sauce. I thought it would be a good idea to try something different that was so close to the hostel with the weather not too good.

Mehmet was up to try it.

He had the original style with the red spicy sauce and I went for the Rosé version + cheese.

Mine tasted ok. The sauce usually should be as thick and clingy to the rice cake, but this one was more soup like. Overall not bad for quick and easy convenience store snack. What more could I have expected?

Mehmet liked the original style. He was surprised himself. Now he says he has more confidence travelling Korea in the future.


We went to McDonald’s across the street to grab something small to fill up on. Sat and chat for a bit, then back to the hostel to plan.


I’m currently sitting in the common room enjoying a popular hot milk tea called, Teh Terik.

Mehmet resided in his space pod. We’re going to message each other back and forth to decide where to go tomorrow, or to split on our own ways.

But I say this often:

You’re never really alone when you solo-travel. It’s meeting people one after another and it can be a lot of fun. Adventure always awaits.


Plans are finally made.

We’re going even further south that I had thought about. Deep South.

Next destination is to Johor Bahru, the city that borders Singapore.

Mehmet and I will continue to travel together for now, but we’ll go our separate ways next week when he catches his flight to Bali.


Change of plans. Cancel Langkawi.

Mehmet persuaded me to go to Bali next week.

Flight is booked.

But one thing… I have already pre-booked a few nights stay in KL (non-refundable) thinking I would stay in Malaysia for longer. So he’ll go to Bali first and I’ll meet him there afterwards.

Life as a traveller, am I right? You meet people and then anything can change.

Indonesia, here I come.

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