Places to see in Malacca

Jonker street market:

On Fri and Sat at night is when this market opens. Don’t worry if you’re in Malacca during the days that it is not open, Jonker street during the day is also nice to check out. There are many colourful shops lined up with goods to sell and foods to try.

Dutch (Red) Square:

The famous landmark of the city which is easily recognizable by its red painted buildings. It’s common meeting spot for most people who tour the city, since there are food and drink stalls by the river to enjoy while you wait. Around here you can hire rickshaws to take you around the area and give you a tour. If you’re more into horsepower, you can ride in a horse and buggy.

Dutch square

Tami Sari revolving tower:

Look up and it’s one of the tallest tower you’ll see in heart of Malacca. If chasing views are your thing, you can ascend 110m and have a full view of the city. This ride lasts a total of 7 minutes.

taming sari revolving tower

St. John’s Hill:

Located right on the hill of Dutch (Red) Square. It’s a great place to check out the view of Malacca while admiring what once was a church before the invasion of Malacca by the Portuguese.

A Fomosa fort

Just a walk down from St. John’s Hill, you can visit A Fomosa fort along the way. One of the oldest structure in Malacca that was built to defend the city from attacks.

Makan Avenue

If you’re looking for Malacca’s famous must try foods, look no further than a one-stop place for all of them. Makan Avenue is large warehouse full of locals cooking up their dishes at affordable prices. A lot of people come here for the Cendol, a delicious dessert that you should try before you leave.

Makan Avenue

Melaka straits floating mosque

Make sure to come here with proper attire if you’re planning on going inside the mosque or else you won’t be allowed in. That means long sleeves and long pants.

If you don’t have proper attire, you’re still able to come and admire the outside of the building and lounge around on the grounds. There is a beach there, but be warned, the security guards do not want you to be on the beach. I did see a bunch of people sneak photos while the guards weren’t looking.

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