Travel Journal: Day 3 – Trip to Malacca 

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What a great morning.

Started learning coding as usual. Had some coffee in the lounge area and met a traveller from Spain who’s just checking in today. I forgot to ask his name before he left to go have breakfast, but he’ll be back later. I offered to keep his large backpack with me while he goes, since it’s already hot out and his walk is about 15 mins to a local breakfast place.

Also as usual, Mehmet is still fast asleep at this time even though he said, ”see you at 8AM tomorrow, bro!” before residing to his bed last night. We both need to pack up our belongings from inside the bed by noon so the staff can change our bed linens with fresh ones.

What is the plan today? I’m not sure.

All I know is I’ll need to bring my iPad or laptop with me to continue updating this blog live. So many technical issues that prevented me from updating via my phone yesterday.


Hanging out with Fatima and Mehmet and figuring out what to eat for lunch.

I wanted something quick and easy without having to travel too far in the scorching heat, so I’m going back to the place we went to last night.

If you’ve never travelled the tropics before, it’s good to know that you should avoid going out during the day when the sun is the hottest. The risk of dehydration and heat strokes is high. A lot of locals who can, will avoid going out as well.

In Malaysia, the hottest months of the year is April, May, and June. That means it’s just rolling off of the hottest months here now, but I can definitely still feel the humid and hotness.


‘Charlie’ is quickly becoming the go-to spot for a quick and easy meal. Nearby, no fuss, nice owners, cheap, and we know what we’re getting.


I’ve been researching what else to do here and I’ve come up with a few things. Check out St. Paul’s church, go try Malacca’s famous chicken balls, customize my own instant noodles at Mamee Jonker House, or check out the Portugese settlement by the seaside.

Aside from all the museums, I don’t think there’s a lot of other things to see here.

I’m going to head out in about 40 mins anyways and see what I can see.


I’ve been trying to book a taxi to the city centre for a while, but haven’t been able to get one. I may have to wait until rush hour is over before anyone will accept my ride.


I wasn’t able to book a grab taxi at all, so I’m walking. I think it’s because the place I want to go to is a very congested area that no one really wants to drop people off at.


I went to St. John Hill to check out the ruins there. I had fun imagining myself being inside the church in it’s former glory days. The large stone structures inside the church were to my surprise, grave stones. I thought they were carved scriptures of some sort.


Finishing off the night at the usual place. This time we tried the burgers from the burger stand up front. It was ok! The meat was halal, which works for Mehmet. 5/10. I think I’ll stick to the noodles or rice dishes from now on though.

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