Travel Journal: Day 2 – Trip to Malacca

7:00 AM:

Had a great start to the day, feeling good. Planning on getting out there today to explore some of the popular areas of Malacca.

10:00 AM:

Spent part of the morning sipping on tea and coffee from an Optimus Prime mug while researching Malacca and also Langkawi, my next destination in a couple weeks.

I received a notification that my flight schedule changed and now have the privilege of requesting for a refund or swap for another flight anytime without additional charges. That means I could even swap it for a flight tomorrow. I’ll think harder about it later today.


I had to leave Mehmet back at the hostel because he was still sleeping. He needs a lot of beauty rest.

Decided to walk to Red Square from the hostel since I need the exercise.

I walked through Jonker Street, a place of interest here. It’s lined with old buildings that gives an experience of an unfamiliar era.

There’s a lot of colour around and it’s inviting to the eye. Malacca is definitely growing on me.


Dutch (red) square.

The number one place to visit in Malacca for its Dutch colonial landmark.

The streets are lined up with food stands and these colourful rickshaws that you can hire to take you around town. If human power doesn’t excite you enough, there’s even a horse and carriage for hire.


Mehmet woke up and came out to dutch square. I had already escaped the heat and refuged in a mall nearby, so I suggested we meet up for burgers at A&W.

Unfortunately we both sometime struggle to find food that suits our palate. He’s having a tougher time than I am though, so I try to default to easy western dishes, Indian, or fried rice.

The food in Malaysia is great, don’t get me wrong. I think we’re looking for a different stuff that doesn’t involve sambal, anchovies, oily noodles, food thickened with corn starch, or in Mehmet’s case – soy sauce.


We split and going to do our own thing. He went to go get a haircut and I need to find a towel.

Before I do that, I checked out a place called ‘Makan Avenue’ where a bunch of food stalls are set up. It’s a neat environment and somewhere a foodie should definitely check out.

The most interesting stand was one where they were selling cendol, an iced sweet dessert. I really wanted to have the durian one, but I just ate and it feels like I’m overdosed with sugar from the root beer I had earlier.


Went to exchange some money and found a great microfibre towel. It’s incredibly hot and humid outside, I need to get indoors and cool off.

Aeon Mall it is. I’ll get something to eat and drink.


Tried a ‘Penang laksa’ which was something else I had imagined it would like like. I’ll have to try another one somewhere else to see if what I got was just an outlier.

The one that I got was trying to be everything, without having it’s own identity. The flavour profiles were sweet, spicy, sour, and fishy all at the same time and they somehow muted each other out. I just tasted mild fish soup.


Malaka Strait Mosque.

This was the highlight of the day and it was a great way to end off the night. I planned to arrive just before golden hour to film a Timelapse of the sky changing colour as a backdrop to the mosque. It turned out good.

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Went to Charlie’s again to hang out and eat noodles. Another traveller from North Africa joined us, her name is Fatima.

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