Toothpaste Tablet




  • SMALL AND MIGHTY; It’s time to say goodbye to your regular toothpaste and upgrade to SIMPLUT’s chewable toothpaste tablets; Just one tab is enough; Simply pop one of the toothpaste tabs in your mouth then chew to create a lather before brushing normally and rinsing
  • POWERFUL CLEAN; These natural toothpaste tablets from SIMPLUT have been formulated in close consultation with dental specialists; With expertly chosen ingredients, our natural toothpaste works hard to remove plaque and buildup; When you need tartar control toothpaste tabs for dazzling teeth, trust only SIMPLUT
  • QUALITY; Our tablet toothpaste has undergone stringent quality inspection and hours of development with leading dental experts; These teeth brushing tablets are crafted to the highest standards; The SIMPLUT promise is this; if we wouldn’t use this natural toothpaste with fluoride ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS; Our natural dentist toothpaste tabs are contained vitamins B6, E and C as well as enriched with plant extracts like bamboo salt, green tea and sage; With a fresh peppermint flavor, SIMPLUT’s toothpaste natural solution is also vegan and never tested on animals
  • ZERO WASTE; People love how our travel toothpaste tabs are lightweight, compact and easy to carry; Better still, these travel size toothpaste tabs come in zero waste reusable packaging; With no sulfates, these SLS free toothpaste tablets come in a reusable tin of 60 or a resealable bulk pouch of 150 tabs which can be used to store other items when finished


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