To get out of your own skin you must travel

On a scale between a novice traveller to a long time nomadic traveller, I consider myself three notches above a novice traveller. I’ve been able to be fortunate enough to travel 19 countries so far at the age of 31 and each time it becomes more exciting.

Travel has become my life mission. To be able to explore parts of the world and experience all of the wonder, beauty, the good that comes with it.

I became serious about making travel a permanent lifestyle on my latest big trip to Southeast Asia where I set off on a solo trip and had on my mind of returning home a year later. Once I had a taste of long term travel, it was easy to see why it’s such a fulfilling thing to do. It’s a journey that feeds so much good to the soul.

I struggle to try to write an entire post that can fully express what I felt and learned during my travel, it becomes too hard because the feelings are overwhelming. I can think back to the happiness I felt just sitting in the many different airports waiting to jet off to another unfamiliar country or browsing around the local markets and experiencing a life that’s so different from home. It’s weird, but I expect many people won’t truly understand it, it’s something you have to go and do.

There’s magic in having the freedom to explore whatever you want each day. The freedom opens your mind to learning new languages, skills, and trying new things in the country that you wouldn’t have the time otherwise.

A typical trip spent two or three weeks running through a foreign country with a checklist of spots to visit and then returning back to work isn’t the same. I’ve been there and instead of being on a relaxing vacation, it’s stressful and exhausting when you’re trying to make every minute count.

The only time limit when you’re on a long term trip is how much time left you have on your visitor visa, which can be up to 3-6 months in some cases. That’s plenty of time to really grasp at the life that’s happening around you in the whole new world and create everlasting memories.

As a traveller who’s done it, I truly wish you could experience the euphoric feeling at least once in your lifetime. The hard part is dropping everything you’ve worked so hard for and go. If you can muster up the courage, I guarantee you’ll look back as I am now and seeing that it was all worth it.

You’ll come back different.

It will be life changing.

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