Top 5 Things To See In Singapore

Having just finished travelling Singapore I can finally recommend the top 5 things you absolutely must check out before leaving the country.

Singapore has a ton of things to do, try, and see and it can be mind numbing planning the most important things to experience since it’s a large city that encompasses four major cultures: Malay, South Asian, East Asian, and European.

Of course if you’re in Singapore for only a short while, it’s difficult to get the full experience but possible to make it a very memorable one.

Below are the Top 5 recommendations that is worth the time, memorable, and you’ll definitely enjoy!

Let’s go!

1. The Jewel @ Changi Airport

A remarkable architectural feat situated at Singapore’s Changi Airport. This waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery on multiple floor levels and a you can even enter the lower level to check out what the bottom of the waterfall looks like.

A quaint place with a relaxing vibe you’re likely to spend at least 2 hours here just lounging, dining by the waterfall on the lower level, and shopping at the airport.

If you’re making flying into Singapore take some time to catch this JEWEL coming out of the arrivals gate at Terminal 1. However if you’re coming in by bus from Malaysia, be sure to plan a visit to The Jewel. Easily accessible by the Subway, this one shouldn’t be missed!

2. Gardens By The Bay

This one is a no brainer and is an absolute must visit! Right by the Marina Bay Sands hotel, find your way to Gardens by the Bay where it is full of trails of greenery, an aquarium, and a food court packed full of tasty foods.

There is a light show that happens twice a day at around 7:45pm and 8:45pm and it’s family friendly. Bring a blanket and snacks, lay down and enjoy the show!

For those who like to avoid crowds, you can catch the light show right by the look out point at the Marina Bay Sands hotel since these trees are so tall and the speakers are loud. For an immersive experience though, do it up close and personal like I did in this picture.

Right now they have the Garden Rhapsody event which has a play list of popular music ranging from classical piano to Disney classics “I can show you the world” from Aladdin.

Check out the official website here:

3. Spectra – A Light & Water Show by Marina Bay Sands

This one is close to Gardens By The Bay but you may have to choose between seeing one of the two because this show starts at 8PM and runs for 15 minutes.

The quality of this show is up there with what you can expect from Las Vegas! Laser, lights, colours, magic. This is a must see.

After the show, pop into the large mall attached to this venue and check out the oversized chandelier and food court full of high quality street foods.

Check out the official website here:

4. Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island

Don’t worry, this island is very easy to get to and conveniently connect by train! Palawan Beach is free to visit and it’s part of a resort park that has Universal Studios Theme park attached to it. Great for the kids.

Right by the train station for the beach there’s a McDonald’s and a couple cafes where you can hang out and cool down before and after the beach.

To get Palawan Beach:

1. Head to Vito City Station on the city’s subway

2. At Vito City Station, go all the way up to the top floor and transfer onto the Sentosa Express train (separate ticket purchase for S$4 round trip as of Oct 2019)

3. Get off at the last station – “Beach Station” and follow the signs for Palawan Beach. It’s only a short walk to the white sands, blue water bliss.

5. Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Mall

This hotel looks like it just came straight out of The Sims Game with it’s unique architecture. Visitors are allowed in the hotel lobby, visit the shops, and awe at the architecture from the inside. There are restaurants and cafes inside that you can try at or simply visit to feel what posh living feels like. The place is grand and every detail inside and out reflects that.

Go down the escalators to the connecting mall where all the shopping brands are housed and catch a glimpse of the giant chandelier hangs near the food court! Also take a walk around the area to see some of the art installations nearby.

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