Ikea food in Malaysia – it’s delicious!

Have you ever been to Ikea in Malaysia? If you haven’t, you got to go and try the food, it’s so good!

I’m from Canada and the food at Ikea here are bland boring hotdogs, mustard, ketchup, pepsi, etc. You know, really boring stuff. The moment I walked into the Ikea here in Kuala Lumpur I was blown away with the food offerings!

They have lamb!

Since when did an Ikea offer lamb?? This is premium meat in Canada, but here it’s super cheap! What you won’t find here is pork since Malaysia is home to many Muslims who are forbidden to eat it. But that restriction is great for me, because they offer my other favourite alternative: beef.

Must try the chicken puff!

Forget the fries, check out this curry chicken puff freshly deep dried for you. It was delicious and tasted like something you could get at a sit down restaurant. The inside was warm and tasted like premium curry, while the chicken was just the right texture and taste. Beautifully seasoned and would eat again a hundred times over.

The drink fountain contained cold flavoured tea, their in-house sugar free cola, and of course lingonberry sparkling or still.

Soya ice cream for the win!

You have to try the soya ice cream, very different from the dairy variety. It tasted very unique. The fun part is retrieving it from the automated machine! It doesn’t hurt that it only cost 0.90 RM too!

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