Must visit spots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KLCC – The Petronas Twin Towers

Famously known for formally holding the world record as the tallest building in SE Asia, the Petronas Twin Towers still draw thousands of visitors for it’s sheer height and architectural masterpiece. Standing at 452 metres tall, it’s home to company offices, hotel rooms, and a luxury mall! Be sure to check out this building at night as it looks way different with the lighting. There’s also a water and light show that happens in the park area behind the towers. You’ll be stunned!

Batu Caves 

Free to visit and stunning to say the least. Getting to Batu Caves is a short train ride out of the city and is a worthy day trip while you’re in KL. These rainbow set of stairs leads to a large cave with a Hindu temple built inside and has roaming wild monkeys! A word of the wise for the Ladies, make sure to wear pants or long skirts before you come visit this place (or rent a wrap for 3 RMs there), proper attire is a must before you’re allowed to climb your way up the stairs.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

Come here during sunset and you’ll see the whole place glow a perfect orange. During holidays you can find this area lined up with food carts and street vendors all selling authentic Malay foods, treats, and wares. If you happen to be here during the weekend, visit this area to soak up the views of the stunning architecture free of any cars around the area, because weekends are when the roads are blocked off from traffic and it’s available for full pedestrian enjoyment.

Masjid Jamek of Kuala Lumpur 

This mosque is located right behind the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and is gorgeous during the day and even more so during the night. You’ll find that throughout the day when prayers begin, they will turn on the mist machine that eventually blankets the river of life. It creates a very cool “floating above the cloud” like feeling that you can capture with your camera.

Jalan Pataling 

In the heart of Chinatown and easily accessible by the free GOKL bus “Purple Line”, Jalan Petaling is one of the popular streets to visit in KL. If you want an exposure to the Chinese Malay food culture, wander around the alleys and in the hidden markets. It’s where you’ll find the hidden gems with a ton of locals eating there. If you’re into hanging out at cool looking cafes, this area is concentrated with some of the most hipster looking joints you’ve ever seen. Just wander around, you’ll see what I mean!

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