The Bed KLCC hostel review

In 2019 I travelled to Kuala Lumpur and had always wanted to stay at The Bed KLCC, mainly because it seemed like a swanky place to stay and the decor looked beautiful. Back then every time I checked Agoda, it was consistently being fully booked. Now in 2022, it’s pretty easy to secure a booking.

Ravaged by the pandemic, the availability of beds is high as I write this in July 2022. Malaysia has recently opened up to tourists and it may take some time for normalcy to return.

Check-in experience

I arrived late in the night and was pleasantly surprised there was staff right by the door to check me in. I thought I would have had to call a number for assistance, so that was great.

The lobby felt cramped because there’s now a cafe stand inside on the left side of the entrance (compared to seating space you see below in the old photo below), and one of the doors creaks so loud when opening that it felt jarring. A little maintenance oil needed.

The staff was nice. He set me up with a towel and toothbrush, gave me my key, and away I went up the elevator to the 2nd floor.

Room experience

No shoes/food/drinks are allowed in rooms. This is a great policy for keeping ultra clean living spaces.

I booked a single suite to have the extra comfort of a restful sleep, privacy, and a desk to work on for long hours into the night.

Initial thoughts is that it’s a little smaller than I thought it would be compared to the photos on Agoda, but it’ll do just fine. It did feel cozy with the yellow glow of the desk lamp.

The washroom is shared even with a single suite. It’s clean and modern looking.

Sleeping at night was freezing with the air conditioning cranked up so high, with no way to adjust the settings. The place appears to be an office building converted to a hostel, so cooling is central throughout.

I did hear a guest complaining to the front desk that his room was too hot on the same night I was freezing. Take that as you will.

Common space experience

This is the highlight of the hostel and my favourite space to spend my time in.

Just like the rooms, no shoes are allowed in the common space, which makes it very clean and enjoyable.

The decor is nice with a bookshelf full of books, a fireplace, beanbag chairs, stools, large dining tables, or great lighting.

In the kitchen area, there are dishware for you to use and a dispenser to access cold/hot water. A large fridge to store food and if you want instant coffee, it’ll cost 1RM. Or you can run down to the convenience store and buy a package yourself.

Amenities & perks

Wifi is great, fast enough to stream videos and easily accessed throughout the whole property. You can connect as many devices as you want.

Laundry services is available at the front desk in the lobby for 20RM per kg. Washing laundry in the hostel is not allowed. Besides, there’s no where to dry your clothing.

No gym, pool, or parking available.

Their website says “free breakfast and coffee” but it needs updating to remove that. I think it’s something that was offered during grand opening or possibly before covid, but not now.

The vibes

The hostel appears to be a little quiet during the time of my visit, so it’s hard to judge the vibes.

All experiences are personal and subjective, so you’d have to visit to experience it yourself.

I think the space is inviting and makes people want to come and hang out and chat. If you’re introverted but like to be around people in silence, there are some corners of the area you can hide in. If you’re extroverted, there is the common area and the cafe down by the lobby to mingle with the fellow guests.

Overall rating

4/5 stars. Pretty good. They place starts to grow on you.

The location is right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where you can easily access Pavillion Mall, Petronas Twin Towers, and the train system.

McDonald’s is just around the corner if you’re looking for something fast to eat, or even an alley full of food stalls right behind the building that seems to be serving up local dishes.

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