Top 5 travel accessories you should pack with you

Every traveller has different things they pack with them along their trip and depending on the destination, the items can be wide ranging. All travellers however should pack these 5 travel accessories.

  1. All-in-one universal power adapter

Leave the stress of having multiple adapters for each country and possibly forgetting the one you need. The all-in-one universal adapter is all you’ll need to pack with you on your trip. Fits power outlets in 150+ countries and features USB charging! Buy it here on Amazon.

2. Packing cubes

Packing cubes helps separate your items and keep them organized. Many travellers swear by it after they’ve discovered these. Grabbing what you need out of your baggage becomes a breeze and the double zipper feature makes packing fast. Buy it here on Amazon.

3. Passport holder

Having a passport holder is crucial if you’re planning on doing a lot of travelling. Many countries will not accept your passport if it has been damaged, folded, soaked, etc. Make sure to buy a good holder like this Herschel brand to keep your passport safe! These come in all sorts of colors and patterns to suit your tastes. Buy it here on Amazon.

4. RFID blocking money belt

Did you know the best way to prevent pick pocketing is the use of a money belt? Using one that has RFID blocking technology is highly recommended since your credit card information can be stolen wirelessly with modern hacking tools. Money belts are inexpensive and very effective. Buy it here on Amazon.

5. Power bank

Often overlooked, a good quality power bank that is compact and easy to carry is important. Having the time to plug your mobile devices to the wall can be hard, especially when you’re on the road. This Anker power bank is my recommended choice since it’s the most reliable one I’ve owned. Buy it here on Amazon.

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