Learn how to say Greetings in Thai

In Thai there are some things you need to remember:

If you’re male, you’ll end your greetings in ‘Krap’
If you’re female, you’ll end your greetings in ‘Ka’

If you’re male, you’ll refer to yourself as ‘Pom’
If you’re female, you’ll refer to yourself as ‘Chan’

Now that we got that out of the way, here are a list of common greetings!


Hello/Hi = Sawadee Krap/Ka

Good morning = Sawadee Dtwan Chao or Ar-roon-sa-wad

Good afternoon = Sawadee Dtawn Baai

Good evening = Sawadee dtwan kam

Good night = Ra-dtree-sawad or Fun-dee-na krup/ka

How are you? = Khun-sa-bai-dee-mai krap/ka?

I’m fine = Pom/chan sabai-dee krap/ka

I’m not well = Pom-mai-koi-sabai krap/ka

What’s your name? = Khun chue arai krap/ka?

My name is… = Pom/chan chue (your name)

What about you? = Laew khun la krap/ka?

Good bye = Laa-gon krap/ka

Bye = bye krap/ka or sawadee krap/ka

Good luck = Chok-dee na krap/ka

Take care = Doo-lae dtua eang na krap/ka

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