Top MOST USEFUL Travel Gear For Backpackers Sold on Amazon

I love travelling, but even better, I love to have functional travel gear that keep me light enough to travel with just carry-on. After doing some long-term travelling, here are the top most useful travel gears for backpackers sold on Amazon!

This list is constantly being updated with new travel products as I experiment with them on my travels.

1. Space Saving Bags by ZIPLOC

Maximizes space up to 2 times and essential for travel. Pack your clothes in, seal, and roll to evacuate air. No pump or vacuum needed!

2. Money Protection

When you’re travelling around countries where the population is high and dense, the risk of being pick pocketed is higher. Protect yourself with a infinity scarf with a hidden pocket or a money belt.

3. Portable Travel Elastic Clothes Line

Most hotels and hostels don’t have a place where you can hang your clothes to dry making Hawatour portable travel clothesline a useful travel companion. This version is durable, easy to pack, and you’re able to hang heavier items without it falling! There are clipless clothes line on the market, but I would avoid those and go with these because they can only hold light items such as socks.

4. Cable Organizer Travel Bag (with depth for laptop chargers)

Tangled wires increases wear and damage to your cables, protect them with a cable organizer travel bag. This one is my favorite because it’s slim and company, but has enough give to pack your bulkier chargers.

5. Lightweight Power Bank

Battery banks are life savers when you’re travelling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the side of the road with 10% battery life left on my phone, it’s beating hot outside and I need Google Maps to navigate. This Anker portable battery bank is light enough to carry comfortably everywhere and has enough juice to keep me going.

6. Toiletries Travel Pack

Anyone who has stayed in a hostel will know that a toiletries bag is essential. Shower spaces are tiny in Asia with enough room to just rotate yourself around. Unzip this toiletries bag and hang it before you start to shower and you’ll have access to all your soaps and skin care hung neatly like a shelf.

7. Travel Door Wedge Alarm

One time in the middle of the night at a hotel in Asia, one of the hotel staff unlocked my door and opened it. I was half asleep and woke up alarmed because I thought I was going to get mugged by an intruder. My room was one of the two that was on this floor and I wished I had something to give me added protection the next time this happened, because what would have happened if I was fast asleep?

I found this alarmed door stopper that activates when someone opens the door and it’s loud! This one is better than the others on the market because to turn off the alarm, you’ll need to flip it over and reset the switch. Some of the low quality built ones have the alarm stop ringing when the metal switch is no longer depressed, which I don’t like because it makes it easier for someone to silence it immediately after breaking in.

8. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are great for those who are carrying a traditional carry on luggage as it helps keep your clothes neatly organized and in order. These are my favorite because of value and quality and it comes with a dirty laundry bag to separate dirt and odor from your clean clothes.

9. Comfort Ear Plugs

These are essential for a good night’s rest in hotels or hostels where the walls are thin or you have snoring neighbors. These are my favorite because they fit great even if you have small ears and are comfortable to sleep with. Bonus! It comes with a plastic case to store them in your bag preventing any loose debris from getting on them.

10. Osprey Travel Backpack (Men’s)

11. Osprey Backpack (Women’s)

12. Apple MacBook Air

This is my favorite travel computer. It’s light, it’s powerful enough for regular use, and the battery life lasts a long time. While an iPad might be another potential travel choice, I find the Air much more versatile. You can do a lot more with it. When I’m on the road, this is the laptop I travel with.

Before you go on your trip, make sure to protect yourself from the potential accidents that can happen during travel. Travel insurance is a must and it would be foolish to go without it.

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