Unique dining experience in Bangkok, Thailand

If you thought you’ve seen it all, then hold my beer.

There is a shop in Old Town, Bangkok (aka. Chinatown) called Lhong Tou Cafe at Yaowarat that serves it’s goods in a unique seat setting. I was taken here by a local friend who said it was a really great place to indulge in some late night desserts in the bustling Thai capital.

Walk into the shop and you’ll instantly see why the experience is something different. You get to dine high up on seats that overlook the inside of the restaurant!

It was a lot of fun and something I’ve never done before. Not only was the experience good, the desserts that they served were also very unique! By the way, the dessert in the middle there is not a real mushroom, it’s a cake!

Couple your desserts with some of their ice cold drinks and you’re all set.

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