Wallflower Cafe in Chinatown (Yaowarat), Bangkok. A hip place.

Yaowarat is considered the old historic part of Bangkok where the capital city started after the king moved it south of ancient Ayutthaya. Since then the city boomed and the entire city of Bangkok covers vast amounts of land in all directions. The city is so large that were are multiple train lines (that is constantly expanding) to try to cover the city.

Nested in Yaowarat is a really hip cafe called Wallflower Cafe that seems like something out of story book. Greenery hanging from the walls and ceiling, and rustic wood furniture complementing the time worn walls making a cozy relaxing environment.

I met a group of locals that took me here tonight and I was blown away how cool this place was. The moment you walk in the door you’re greeted with live music reverberating down from upstairs. The place has multiple levels accessible from a set of spiral stairs and as you climb up you can look in aw at the hanging light display hung around the whole place. It’s the dimly lit, romantic chill vibes you get here at night.

Make your way all the way up the stairs and you access the rooftop where DJs set the mood with popular Thai mixes as you sip your wine, beer, or cocktail. Bangkok air is warm, so imagine enjoying a drink while looking out at the Bangkok skyline, soaking in the chill environment, and having fans blow a breeze to cool you down. It was a heavenly experience.

Come during the day and the place is wildly instagramable.

You’ve got to visit here if you’re ever in Bangkok.

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