Lhong Tou Cafe in Bangkok – Not your typical coffee cafe

There’s a place that offers a unique dining experience in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat) and it’s called Lhong Tou Cafe. This place is a must visit for anyone visiting the capital.

The moment you walk in you’ll notice that there are diners who are sitting halfway up the wall! At this restaurant, they have funky furniture that allows you to climb up a set of ladders and have your own dining space up in their double decked seats. It’s a smart set up too, since they’re able to have more diners in at the same time.

Of course I decided to have an experience in one of the upper tables to get a bird’s eye view of all the dishes everyone below was eating so I could order those too.

Usually looking around to see what people are eating is a good way to identify the best sellers, because after all, locals generally know what’s best.

The list of food you can get here is a good variety and most are unique in their presentation. Cakes in the shape of mushrooms and fruits? Cool. Gotta try it.

Lhong Tou Cafe serves up “hipster dim sum” and has become a local sensation because of the unique dishes.

This is the egg lava bun which was a delicious treat. “Aroi mak mak (very delicious)” as the locals say! The cost of one is 29 bahts.

Bangkok is full of these unique type of dining experiences. You’ve just got to go out there and look for them. I’m planning to write about my experience at a hidden rooftop bar soon, so keep checking back for more posts!

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