Local Places To Check Out When In Bangkok

If you’re craving for a real off-the-beaten path experience in Bangkok, then this list of places to check out is for you. I’ve been back and forth to Thailand’s capital so many times that the popular places have seem to wore off on it’s novelty, so instead I search for the weirder unconventional places that packs a lot of value for my money!

Below is a list of some of the places.


SD All-you can eat BBQ (view on Google Maps)

By far one of my favourite local places to hang out and have an authentic local BBQ experience. For 300 bahts you’ll have access to their all-you-can eat seafood and meat buffet, drinks, and dessert. Price is cheaper if you just opt for only meat, no seafood. This place is real local where you dine outside under a covered area and cooled by fans, so expect to sweat a little while indulging in some yummy foods.

Fish Maw Soup Stand (view on Google Maps)

The best fish maw soup I have ever eaten and it’s not an exaggeration. Filled with clear noodles, pork blood cubes, and other varieties is what makes this delicious noodle soup dish sold out daily. I frequently return in the morning/afternoon to have my fill. By late afternoon, you’ll be too late and there will be none left. There is a lady that sells it on the top floor in the food court area of the Big C Supermarket on Ekkamai Road. Find her. You’ll be in for a treat! (she’s super nice too!)

Chulalongkorn University Canteen (view on Google Map)

That’s right one of my favourite places to eat is in this university’s Canteen that is open to public. Here you’ll find a ton of real local Thai dishes served up in good portions for crazy cheap prices. This dish here only cost me 30 bahts. You’ll see a lot of students, teachers, and office workers from nearby come eat here during lunch.


(un)Fashion Cafe (view on Google Maps)

(un)Fashion cafe is one of my favourite go-tos for it’s cozy vibes and great coffee. This cafe is part of a vintage clothing store across the parking lot, so after you’re done diving in to some throwback items come chill here. They even serve homemade desserts like lemon pie, cakes, cupcakes, etc.

Dumbo Hidden Rooftop Bar (view on Google)

I can’t say enough good things about this place! It’s a hidden rooftop bar that I’ve recommended many times over to friends and they all loved it!

Situated in what appears to be an old building with many unused unfinished floors, the climb to the 6th floor by stairs will keep you wondering if you’re really going to a bar or actually inside a haunted building. The climb is worth it though because up there is a sweet view of Bangkok, live music, chill vibes, and great drinks.

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