Thailand Food Guide

This post is a collection of Thai foods you should try when you visit the land of smiles! It’s well known around the world that Thailand holds the best flavours and the most unique foods, combining savoury with sweet in perfect proportions.

The list below has something for everyone!


Corn Som Tum

One of my favourite dish in Thailand is corn som tum. This is a step away from traditional som tum which is made with grated green papaya. If you’ve never tried this, you’re missing out big time! The reason why I prefer corn over green papaya is because of the texture and the tastier mix with the fish sauce. Less sour tang from the green papaya in the mouth. Also for lazy eaters like myself, you can just scoop up all the deliciousness in spoonfuls.

Papaya Som Tum

OK, maybe I shouldn’t have started this list with the corn version. Still, the traditional Papaya Som Tum is worthy of trying. For those who can’t handle the heat from Thai chili peppers, request no spiciness for better enjoyment.

Roasted Thai Bananas

Simple yet delicious. You can find these almost everywhere and the good ones are sold by the street vendors. They fire up a bunch of these small Thai bananas all at once, squash them flat for easier eating, cut it, and serve it with a coconut milk + palm sugar sauce that’s to die for.

Thai Crepes (Khanom bueang)

Looks like a taco, but not a taco. These are usually first topped or filled with coconut cream, followed by sweet or salty toppings such as shredded coconut, strips of fried eggs or egg yolks (Foi Thong), or chopped scallions.

Luk Chup

These vegetables or fruit shaped desserts are filled with mung bean and are called Luk Chup. In the past it was made only for the king! Now you can find them in dessert shops or floating markets all across Thailand. Definitely a must try!

Assorted Fruits & Nuts Thai Dessert

Refreshing is the word that comes to mind when I think about this Thai dessert! The fruits and nuts combinations are endless or so if you’re indecisive, you’re in luck, you can go with one of their classics sets. Psst. You can get these for super cheap in the food court on the 6th floor at Terminal 21 mall!

Giant Thai Tiger Prawns

Thailand has an abundance of seafood being that it’s so close to sea. One thing you shouldn’t miss is trying their giant tiger prawns! These prawns can grow up to double the size you see on this picture here and they are just as tasty. This is usually served with a seafood sauce on the side. Oh and a little tip, don’t forget to eat the yummy orange stuff inside the head of the prawn!

Pandan Bread With Pandan Dip

The tropical plant pandan grows everywhere in Thailand, even in people’s backyards and alleys. It’s ordinary in that way but when it’s baked into bread and creamy dips like this, it becomes magically delicious! For those who are conscious about their sugar intake, you’ll be happy to know that this snack/dessert is not overly sweet. It’s a perfect balance.

Tom Yum Soup

A signature Thai dish known world-wide and is famous for packing a lot of flavour and heat. Thai folks love their chillis! I always recommend getting tom yum soup with only a little bit of spiciness to allow you to really taste the broth. If you’ve never tasted lime leaves and galangal (Thai ginger), you need to at least once. It’s very unique in taste.

Thai Mangoes

Mangoes in Thailand grow really sweet and juicy and the best part is there is an abundance of them. You can usually buy them for only about 25-40 bahts per KG! (avoid those shops selling for 100-200 bahts per KG, they’re tourist traps.) Buy a bunch, slice them up, and indulge.

Assorted Meat On Skewers

Locals love this as a snack because of the variety, cheapness, and the chili sauce served with it. Vendors will also pack a side of cabbage for you to eat with it. It help balances the soft texture of the meat with crunchiness and clears your palate of chili for the next stick of meat. Anywhere you go in Thailand you will find these skewer stands, they’re popular.

Kanompang Yaowarat (Chinatown Bread)

This milk custard filled bun originated in Chinatown in Bangkok which is why it is called Kanombang Yaowarat for “Chinatown Bread”. First the bread is perfectly toasted and then filled with your choice of the variety of fillings available. My favourite being the milk filling because it’s not too sweet and tastes more like warm milk!

Thai Crispy Oyster Omelette (Hoi Tod)

There’s something special about the taste of this omelette that makes the dish addicting! It’s cooked until crispy and topped with oysters, green onions, and other optional garnishes. Break around the oysters, dip it in the accompanying sauce, and pig out! This dish was taken in a mall food court, but if you’re adventurous you can find even more extravagant versions on the street.

Sticky Rice Roasted In Bamboo (Khao Lam)

Prepare yourself. This is next level sticky rice. When you roast sticky rice and it’s fillings inside bamboo, the aroma gets infused inside the rice and it dramatically changes the way the whole thing tastes! When I first had this I couldn’t stop eating and had to have more. They supply the bamboo stick for you to fish the sticky rice out of the bamboo which makes it fun to eat!


Fresh Coconuts

To battle Thailand’s heat, sip out of a freshly cracked open coconut. Mmmmm. Make sure it’s a coconut that has previously been put into ice or a fridge for optimal enjoyment!

Freshly Thai Orange or Pomegranate Juice

Did you know oranges in Thailand are green? They also taste sweeter and different than North American oranges. You’ll sometimes find street vendors pressing juice during the mid-day when cool refreshments are definitely needed! Each bottle sells for about 20-30 bahts.

Thai Iced Tea (Cha Yen)

This bright orange drink is sold everywhere from street vendors hidden in alleys to kiosks in shopping malls. Thai iced tea is a sweet drink loaded with condensed and evaporated milk, Thai black tea, sugar, and ice! For those with less of a sweet tooth can request half amounts of sugar and it will taste just as good. Did you know you can buy the 3-in-1 Thai tea mix by one of Thailand’s famous brands? Check it out here


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