The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit – Luxury Travel On A Poor Man’s Budget

The ultimate guide to travel hacking cheap fights

Makaela and I have been vagabonds for over 15 years (once you get that bug!) and have booked dozens and dozens of flights over time… never to be fully satisfied.

And now that our Journo travel community is growing, we’ve discovered that it’s a hassle every traveler knows all too well.

So, rather than just deal with it, we got to work…

In addition to testing dozens of these hacks on our own over the years, we’ve consulted with every travel hacking expert we know and had the team dive deep into researching the data.  

After countless hours, we’ve come up with the ideal process for maximizing your savings when booking a flight… no matter where in the world you’re departing from or going to.

Don’t buy a single flight until you read this guide

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