Pivot: I’m travelling indefinitely.

That’s it. I’m making a big change in my life and it’s kind of scary. I’m forgetting everything I know and pivoting career wise in a foreign direction. I know nothing of the lay of the land but much like travelling to another country, it doesn’t intimidate me. I find it a challenge I’m willing […]

I’m in Bangkok, Thailand – what am I up to?

This place is what I consider my second home. The warm weather, crazy traffic, and bustling environment deeply satisfies my soul. You know how people love the magic of New York for similar reasons? Yeah, this is it for me — but in Asia. Self-development focused trip Normally when I’m in Thailand I’d be gung-ho […]

Packing for vacation in Thailand

I’ve noticed I have a weird way of packing. As the days go by I’ll lay things on top of my travel bag that I’ve left in the middle of the room. Things start to pile up and just before I’m about to leave I’ll organize it. Is this a common thing with other people […]

I’m travelling again, finally.

Thailand here I come! Finally after 2 years I’m packing my bags and going to Bangkok for a vacation. With the pandemic transitioning to an endemic, countries around the world are opening back up and it’s time to go get some sun on my skin and sip on coconuts on the beach. 🏝☀️😎 I’ve been […]