The Zero Exchange Fee Travel Credit Card (it’s all I ever wanted!)

Are you looking for an easy, no hassle, no annual fees, all-in-one credit card that you can use on your travel abroad? I’ve found just the one for you.

I’m currently using it myself on my trip around Southeast Asia and it’s really awesome. I’ve found that it’s widely accepted and the app it comes with is easy to use.

BRIM Mastercard

One of the best features I found with BRIM’s Mastercard as a traveller is the ability to lock my card from any transaction if I happen to misplace it. It gives me peace of mind when moving around in the world.

The real-time monitoring of card use is also a great feature too.

Also, let’s not forget the main reason why I signed up for Brim in the first place – no foreign transaction fees!

Most credit card companies charge 2.5-5% on fees when you purchase something abroad and those fees can quickly add up. These fees get rolled into the exchange rate, so it can be difficult to figure out exactly the amount you’ve been charged for every transaction.

I tested out BRIM’s credit card vs. my other Tangerine World Mastercard on the same day.

BRIM’s exchange rate was way closer to the market rate.

In fact, using BRIM’s Mastercard was even better than physically exchanging money at the best rate Thailand could offer at the time.

Mind blowing.

Purchases made in Thailand on the same day:

Brim’s Rate = 1 CAD = 26.64 Thai Bahts
vs .Tangerine’s Rate = 1 CAD = 25.92 Thai Bahts
vs. Rate offered physically in Thailand = 1 CAD = 26.5 Thai Bahts

*Higher is better.
Purchases made on May 2, 2022.

Benefits as a traveller:

  • An app and web portal that I can use to lock transactions if I misplace the card
  • Free global WiFi all around the world with Boingo (super useful for SIM-less travellers)
  • Contactless payment compatible with every major brands wallet
  • Apple Watch compatible
  • Flexible payment option – setting up instalments is easy with the app
  • Redeeming points is super easy
  • Discounts with major brands
  • Add family members and set their limit in real-time
  • Beautiful card design

Free access to Boingo Global Wifi

Planning on travelling without a SIM card? You can access over 1 million Wifi hot spots all around the world with Boingo when you’re a BRIM member.

Additional travel benefits with BRIM World Elite Mastercard:

  • Double points for every $1 spent
  • Out-of-province emergency travel medical insurance
  • Flight delay insurance
  • Lost or stolen/delay baggage insurance
  • Hotel/motel burglary insurance
  • Car rental & accidents insurance
  • Travel assistance
  • Trip cancellation & interruption insurance

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