1 month travel update – July 2022

It’s been a month in on my second trip around South East Asia and I can say it’s a completely different experience than it was in 2019. My thinking and what kind of experiences I want to have has completely changed.

This time around I’m travelling a lot slower and spending more time immersing myself in the things around me. Emulating how a local live their life day-by-day.

Admittedly, I haven’t spent a lot of time going to “must-see spots” since they are more of a tourist trap than anything else, so I prefer to stay local and do other things.

I was just in Thailand for a month before coming here in Kuala Lumpur and invested a lot of my time learning new meaningful skills while I was there. I picked the word “meaningful” over “useful” because there is a distinctively important difference.

Useful is something you’ll add to your toolbox of skills in case there’s a need for it in the future. Meaningful is something impactful that will change your life now.

I’ve been focusing in four areas:

Coding/Programming: I’m picking up coding mainly as a way to build useful projects for myself and others. I also view this as a potential pathway into helping build technology that will have a great impact on mankind — self-driving cars, rocketry, artificial intelligence, etc.

Writing: To practice gathering my thoughts and be able to put it out in a coherent way. I’ve always had a passion to write, but I’ve only discovered that I did just recently. I have a lot of opinions and thoughts to share. If you’re interested in them, check out my daily blogs: Ethansdaily.blog

Language learning: I’m learning Thai because I love being in Thailand. It feels like my second home aside from Canada. Naturally I want to be able to communicate more effectively with the locals and enjoy a deeper connection to the country.

Creativity: I’m a natural left brainer, but I find it stressful being in a logical and calculative state all the time. I’m yearning to unleash my inner right brain child who I haven’t let out play for a long time. I’m practicing design, learning Adobe Suite, and trying to see the beauty in things. Expressing in my own way. Having my imagination run free.

I’ve been consistent in putting in practice time daily, so it’s exciting to look forward to the outcome in a year’s time.

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