10 Essential travel items on Amazon

Anytime I pack for a trip I always make sure I pack 10 items that I find are essential to my trip. I like to call them my core items because without them it takes away from my travel enjoyment. Here are some of the things I personally buy for my trips.

1. Re-usable Silicone Earplugs

Ear plugs are my best friend during long flights or in a crowded hostel. The cabin noise from the plane can only endured for so long until it causes me a headache. The whirring noises from the pressurization of the cabin or the air nozzle from overhead is more than just white noise. Ear plugs are a great way to block that out for the duration of your trip.

2. 100% ultra silky eye mask

This goes hand-in-hand with ear plugs. If you’re sensitive to lights when you are sleeping, eye masks will come in handy.

3. Noise cancelling earbuds (wired and wireless)

This one is an important and having the wired and wireless version is essential. The wired version will allow you to connect to the seat screen to watch movies on flights and the wireless version for your general travels. For wireless ear buds my choice is the Airpod Pros. It has active noise cancelling and the option to turn it off for transparency with a short squeeze. Worth every penny.

4. Luggage lock & small locker lock

Solo travellers listen up. Buy yourself a small lock to use with the lockers at hostels, it will give you peace of mind when you’re away from it. If you have a back pack with built-in lockable zippers, add the extra protection of having a luggage lock on it as well. We’ve all heard of stories where drugs were slipped into someone’s baggage unknowingly at the airport or missing items from your hotel room. I recommend getting this one with a combination instead of a key, that way if you won’t have to worry about losing the key.

5. Wet wipes

In a pinch, you can use wet wipes to clean your hands before you eat or clean your body until you can get yourself to a proper shower. My favourite use is to wipe the salty sweat off of me and it leaves me feeling refreshed.

6. Cap

A cap will help you stay warmer in a plane or makes travelling outside in the sun more comfortable. Simple as that.

7. Medicine

In some countries, pain killers over the counter is not available. Thailand for instance will only have Tylenol. Make sure to pack any medication you will need. Ibuprofen and Anti-diarrhea pills are two that I always have with me.

8. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Invisible, weightless, scentless sunscreen. It’s one of the best! Sun screen in sunny countries are expensive so I suggest you pack some with you. Remember that carry-ons limits 100ml of sunscreen as it’s considered a liquid. If you’re wanting to pack more you’ll have to check in your things at baggage instead of taking it as a carry-on.

9. Amazon Basics hidden money belt w/ RFID protection

There are not many places you can stash your cash and passport and the best way to protect it is to use a money pouch that can be hidden underneath your clothing. This is the best method compared to stuffing it in your shoes and socks, which can lead to loss without you knowing.

10. Tweezerman Nail clipper

If you’ve owned a Tweezerman tweezer, you know the quality that comes from that brand. Often forgotten to be packed, a nail clipper is essential.

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