Thailand Pass Approved! (It wasn’t too bad)

It only took a day after I submitted my documents to get approved for the Test & Go Thailand Pass. After a few screen shots and photos of documents, I clicked submit and off it went!

Use Agoda to book your day 1 hotel stay and make sure you’re booking a room that comes with the “test and go package.” Once you get your booking number, you can enter that in your application and it automatically verifies your stay with Agoda. Pretty seamless.

Buying covid insurance wasn’t too bad as well. I decided to go with MSIG since they were the cheapest option for 30 days coverage without a waiting period. 1780 Bahts was the total cost and includes coverage up to 800,000 THB (about $20,000 USD). For my fellow Canadians out there, it’s $67.16 CAD for 30 days as of April 2022.

There was a cheaper option for 650 bahts, but it came with a 15 days waiting period starting from the moment you pass the customs gate. An exception to the waiting period was if you submit a negative PCR test 72 hours before departure and it would be waived, but the PCR test cost would cancel out any savings compared to others. With Covid still lingering around, I decided to go for the better coverage with no waiting period and not having to deal with any pre-departure tests.

My day 1 hotel cost $191 CAD and it includes the “test and go package.” This seems to be the average price of most hotels.

Included in the package:
– PCR test
– ATK test for day 5
– Airport pick up
Bonus from my hotel: Includes breakfast

Look for a later post about my experience! For now, I have a lot of thinking about what I’m going to pack.

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