Travel gear upgrade: Good bye harddisk, Hello SSD!

This week I dipped into the piggy bank and bought myself an amazing upgrade to my travel gear. I’m finally ditching the old clunky slow external hard drive and replacing it with an ulllllltra fast and portable external solid state drive.

Drum roll please.

Introducing my brand spanking new, ultra sleek in gun metal grey (to match my MacBook Pro of course) Samsung T7 2TB SSD!

Including taxes, this set me back slightly over $400 Canadian, but from the perspective of a traveller it’s worth every single penny. Allow me to list out my reasons why:

1. Pocketability

Have you ever tried shoving as many things as you possibly can in your pockets prior to checking into your flight at the desk, just so your baggage will pass as carry-on? Yeah, I have. My old external hard drive would take up space of a pant pocket alone and would cause one side of my pant to sag from the weight.

The T7 is the size of a credit card so I could just pop it in the breast pocket of my t-shirt or tucked in my socks if I wanted to.

2. Transfer speed X10000000

You can edit videos straight off the SSD without any lag/buffering….. Uh, *mic drop*

Now I’m able to instantly scroll on thousands of photos without waiting for it to load, compared to my old hard drive which can take a few seconds just to get into the folder and another few seconds to populate images. This makes for a more efficient workflow.

3. Comes with two types of USB cables to fit your needs

I’m looking at you Apple.
Samsung was nice enough to include a USB-C to C cable & A to C cable to fit whatever ports your computer is rocking. Although be aware that to be able to tap into the SSD’s full speed capabilities your computer will need to be equipped with USB-C 3.2 gen 2 port.

How much value will this add to my travels?

It adds huge value. There are a few pain points I can remember vividly from my travels and one of them was carrying a bulky external hard drive. It was a total drag on my mantra of travelling light and I couldn’t just toss it out while on the road because it’s where all my captured memories are stored. And you won’t believe how many photos and videos you will capture along the way so it’s important for myself to buy the largest capacity available.

Sure, I could opt to use some sort of cloud based storage but when you’re on a train in the middle of no where with no internet access, it makes it a non-working option for those like me who enjoy getting in a little work during random parts of the day.

You can buy the Samsung T7 through my amazon affiliate link here. With every purchase through my link I get a tiny commission with no additional cost to you to help support this travel blog and all of its future content!

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